The safety of our users is very important to us. There are steps that everyone can follow to ensure their safety while using our Software. Please take a few minutes to read these tips.

Keep your financial information private

Ignore any requests from anyone asking for money, especially that Nigerian Prince. In the event anything like that happens, please let us know immediately and we’ll try our best to weed out the wierdos. Obviously this applied to all of your financial information also.

Keep your personal information

Keep your personal information, well, personal until you feel comfortable to give it out to someone. There are a lot of great 3rd party apps and services that will allow you to talk on the phone with someone for free that will also keep your real phone number hidden. They’re gems. Use them! We will also never email you out of the blue asking for ANY confidential information, so do not reply to it!

Spam/Scammers There are red flags to watch out for that may indicate you're dealing with a scammer. Be aware of anyone who:

• Sends you a link telling you to sign up so you can see more ‘pictures’. Yeah, right. • Claims to be a Nigerian Prince (or anyone else who asks for money) • Asks for personal info because they want to send you candy and flowers. Yes, that may happen. • Sounds really similar to that one other person who said the exact same thing to you yesterday. Coincidence? No. They’re scammers. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission's advice to avoid online scams is available here

Report suspicious users Please report anyone who violates our terms of use. Examples of terms of use violations include:

• Asking for money • Anyone who looks like a minor. • People using hateful speech, derogatory remarks, or any variation of negative speech. • Users who completely act inappropriately after meeting in person. We want to weed out the jerks. • Anyone who tries to sell you anything. Including that rare gem they found in Nigeria.

Meeting In Person

First meetings are fun and exciting, but always be careful and do some due diligence before finally meeting in person.

Get to know the other person before meeting them offline

Get to know someone through chat before disclosing personal information or meeting in person. Company doesn't conduct criminal background checks on our users, so it’s up to you to do your own research and remain cautious.

Get to know someone as thoroughly as possible by chatting with them and even talking to them on the phone. Remember, there are ways to have a phone conversation without disclosing your real phone number. A quick online search will present you with a ton on information on how to do that. Also doing some image searches will help you with some personal PI! Have fun but be cautious.

Always meet in public

Always meet in public. ALWAYS. We want you to be safe and meeting with other people around is a great way to do that for a first meet. Did we mention always meet in public?

Tell a friend or family member of your plans

Tell a close friend or someone from your family where you’re going. It’s always a good idea for someone to have this information in case of an emergency. Also, installing and turning on the find iPhone app is a good security measure.

Drive yourself to and from the first meeting

Be your own driver for the first date. It might go well, or it might now. Better to have an escape vehicle just in case! Following these guidelines will help keep the PlayNConnectgame and community safe and enjoyable! Go forth and have fun!